Aux États-Unis

I feel like this title completely defeats the purpose of a blog about American voyages, but hey. The French makes it sound quite pretty and cultured.

Or something like that.

Tomorrow it will have been a month since our return from the States, which definitely shows how slack I’ve been in the blogging realm. I’m so keen to show you all what we got up to though. Better late than never?

We’re all getting old, in our family. Mostly Ben and I, defiant to all attempts of books-on-heads to keep us the same age.

I wonder why that’s a thing.

Ben recently got his Learner’s permit (upon arrival back in Sydney), has his Year 10 Formal in less than a month and commences his preliminary HSC year next year. WHAT.

I’m halfway through my first university degree, and that alone is crazy enough.

Because of some giant fluke (I called it my amazing unit-and-laziness-strategising), I had no exams last semester. Which meant that I had a literal (oh yes) 2 months of uni break holidays.

It was a pretty great day when I figured that out.

The holidays lined up fairly well with school holidays, which meant it was the only time we could do our last family holiday. And being the big America junkies we are, we all decided that America would be the perfect place to relax, unwind and have a holiday; as opposed to a trip.

We didn’t even plan some days. Crazy.

The day before Ben’s 16th birthday, the four of us jumped on a plane to the States and ended up in LAX about 13 hours later. After car hire shenanigans and driving about an hour to the gorgeous city of Santa Monica, we began.

Santa Monica was a week of crazy windy days, gorgeous sunlight, wacky accents and a whole lot of fun. We spent Ben’s 16th birthday in Universal Studios with minion glasses, spent a morning walking from Santa Monica beach to Venice beach and regretted not hiring some bikes, ate at Bubba Gumps ‘Shrimp Shack’ clueless to the fact it originated from Forrest Gump (ohhkay), ate pizza while watching the sunset over Santa Monica Pier, asked for tea in restaurants and watched flustered waiters bring back iced tea in compromise, shopped till we dropped and then shopped some more, sat on FRIENDS lounges and fangirled in excess, and made mates with giant spiders from Harry Potter films and timed a tour guide on the amount of times he said “you guys” in the space of a minute, while taking in the sights of Hollywood. Oh, Kevin.

And that was just the first week.




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After a week or so in beautiful Santa Monica sunshine, we drove the hour or so to even sunnier Anaheim. With a 5-day Disney hopper, you can pretty much guess what we were planning on doing during our time there. We also went to an Angels baseball game (which they smashed!), had some great nights out and about on the town, and continued to enjoy each others company more and more each day. It was such a praise point, being able to relax and laugh and cry-laugh and love together. I love these three, tumas.

(We even love Mum so much that we endured “It’s a Small World.”)

(If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is.)

IMG_3199 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset IMG_3294IMG_5762_FotorIMG_5949_FotorIMG_3281 IMG_5828_FotorIMG_6340_FotorIMG_3244 IMG_5817_FotorIMG_3217 IMG_6602_FotorIMG_6438_FotorIMG_6476_FotorProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

It was two weeks of great family time, enjoying the amazing sights of Santa Mon and Anaheim, and remembering just how big and intricate this world that our God has made. The variety of people and places is so astounding. Overwhelmingly beautiful.

So there you have it. The America blog post, one month in the making.

I could go into so many of the wacky antics and stories, but I honestly don’t know where I would begin and even what would interest you. I’m sure I’ve already told (or will tell) many of you about the trip regardless.

It was the best possible last family holiday. Which of course I hope won’t be the last of just the four of us. But it was rockin’, despite any of that.

Ever-thankful for my beautiful parents for allowing us to go away together. For their love, for their kindness. Even for their sarcasm when I’m tired and my guards are down. Well played, parentals. Well played indeed!

Love you three, and the four legged riots we came home to, after their two weeks on holidays too (read: fat camp).

Mum and I just finished the Season 4 finale of Pretty Little Liars, so I’m keen to have some leftover Thai food (thanks for picking some up for us last night, Daddy dearest!) and plan some MYC blog posts. Which, knowing me, will be one giant one that could compete with short-story length pieces. But y’know, two months of silence has to be made up for, right?

Hope your weekends have started off super well, and that God is doing amazing things right now. What’s something you’ve been thankful for over the past month or so?

Also, expect some vlogs coming your way soon! I need some music inspiration though – so if you can think of any music that would go well in an America vlog, comment below and inspire me!

Love and light (and a whole lot of thanks to you friends for being so wonderful),

Love Mel xxx


One thought on “Aux États-Unis

  1. Sis, dearest: OMG, YOU WERE AT THE FRIENDS APARTMENT! Dying! And guess what? I was at the Friends apartment in NY (The outside) so, we are so connected like that 🙂 . I have those pictures in my camera but my memory stick decided to act weird and now i have to see where i can fix it and check if i can retrieve my pictures! 😦

    Anywhoo, I LOVE your pictures!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! It shows you as a family have an amazing connection. Keep writing, sis. You inspire me. Thank you!

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