Daylight Learn Workshop

This past Sunday, my best friend (and love!) and I were blessed with the amazing opportunity to model for James Day Photography‘s Daylight Learn Workshop.

We spent the day with old beach mission friends, newly engaged friends, 16 amazing photographers, the ever-beautiful Athena who organised for us all to be there, and of course James Day himself.

It was such a fun, relaxed and super interesting day as we were decked up in wedding gear and got some amazing photos taken of us and our friends. It was definitely a challenge for the introvert in me, but I absolutely loved it!

Such a God thing to be part of – all praise to Him!

Massive thanks go out to:

James Day // James Day Photography // @jamesdayweddings

Athena Grace // Daylight Photography // @athenagracee

Carly Wood // Mobile Wedding Hair Sydney // @mobileweddinghairsydney

Megan Vaughan // Makeup by Megan // @makeupbymegan

Annie Francis Ledley // Francis Floristry // @francisfloristry

Here are some of the photos we’ve seen so far – can’t wait to see the rest in a few weeks!

Photo // @jamesdayweddings


Hair // @mobileweddinghairsydney

Makeup // @makeupbymegan


Photo // @athenagracee

Flower Bouquet // @francisfloristry


Photo // @jamesdayweddings

Flower Crown & Bouquet // @francisfloristry

Seriously blessed. Thank you to everyone who was involved in such an amazing day – you’re phenomenal, wonderful and ridiculously talented!

Mel x


2 thoughts on “Daylight Learn Workshop

  1. These are beautiful photos of beautiful people! And I’m not gonna lie, when I saw the first pic I was like, “OH MY WORD MEL GOT MARRIED ALREADY?!?!” 😀 But really, so happy for you two and the photos turned out great. You are seriously gorgeous!” ❤ Kaiti

    1. Aw Kaiti, you are so kind!
      Definitely not married yet, but the workshop was a lot of fun 🙂
      Thank you for your beautiful spirit and the way you shower everyone with such genuine kindness. So blessed by you!
      Hope you’re going well! xx

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