Daylight Learn Workshop

This past Sunday, my best friend (and love!) and I were blessed with the amazing opportunity to model for James Day Photography‘s Daylight Learn Workshop.

We spent the day with old beach mission friends, newly engaged friends, 16 amazing photographers, the ever-beautiful Athena who organised for us all to be there, and of course James Day himself.

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Aux États-Unis

I feel like this title completely defeats the purpose of a blog about American voyages, but hey. The French makes it sound quite pretty and cultured.

Or something like that.

Tomorrow it will have been a month since our return from the States, which definitely shows how slack I’ve been in the blogging realm. I’m so keen to show you all what we got up to though. Better late than never?

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Hanging rock and hoodies

Hey lovely friends!

I hope you’re all rugged up and warm too at the moment – this weather is already making me so confused, sick and cranky! There’s still supposed to be a month left of Autumn, with crinkled and brightly coloured leaves softly falling to the ground. Not being scooped up in big gusts that make everything yucky, cold and sick. Oiy.

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Uncertain clarity and celebration

Something we all hate in life is uncertainty. It’s something a lot of us are in battle with, particularly on a daily basis.

Whether it’s in the context of financial struggles, education, relationships or general direction in life.

It’s something that tugs at us; makes us feel uncomfortable.

Uncertainty makes us vulnerable.

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